Well it is Tuesday and I have not been this excited for an album to come out in a while. I received a copy of the new album “Vulnerable” by The Used a few weeks back. Wow is it amazing. When I first heard box full of sharp objects and met the guys I became a fan for life. Although I was able to spend many years working with them on their merchandise we no longer do. Damn 360 deal. Oh well Warner will be bummed that they ever let this band go. This album is what the 3rd album should have been.

I got the chance to see the guys down in Australia on the Soundwave Festival. I had not seen them in a while and they just killed it. As Bert said to me after the show, “We are back.” and that they are. Live this band has always been one of my favorites and now I can’t wait to see them again playing songs for “Vulnerable”. Vulnerable is the album that should have ben the third release but I think that they had to write the albums in between to get back to this sound.

I don’t usually say go out and buy an album because well most people either steal it or listen to services like RDIO which is what I listen to all day at work. This however is one to get. Not only because it is great but the band are broke and could use some help. Yeah it sucks but it is true and I am sure that they would love some support. So if you can throw them a bone so that they can get back on top and tour all over.

On the cotton scale I give this a 100% cotton rating. If you don’t like it then you did not like the first album.

You can pick up a copy of The Used “Vulnerable” on iTunes: http://bit.ly/HhJbal